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YouTube is Our Best Friend!

Monday, March 26, 2012

We Lemonade Stand Teachers use it ALL.THE.TIME!!!  We incorporate music as much as possible to reinforce the concepts we are teaching.  We have two second grade classes, so we all go to Rayann’s room for morning meeting, where we sing TONS of songs.  Most of them can be found on YouTube.  We have been studying space for the past few weeks and these are two of our favorites:



This is a good one for adjectives:


We LOVE Mr. Harry’s Kindergarten videos.  He is our hero!  A lot of these songs are completely appropriate for our second graders.  They magically come to the carpet super nicely when they hear this:


And they clean the room without me ever having to say a word with this song.  I also use it to clean up centers, and it works like magic!


I will post more as I think of them.  Here is a little peak of the highlights of what we did last week:


We learned that the Earth revolves around the Sun and the Moon revolves around the Earth.


We worked on r-controlled vowels with activities from my Stirring Up Memories word work packet.  This is the word sort from it.


Geometry has been the focus in math.  I introduced geometric solids with food.  That’s how you win them over!  Works every time!  ;)

I will leave you with this last video.  This is us this week, since we are on spring break!

November Morning Meeting FREEBIE

Monday, October 31, 2011

November Morning Meeting SMART board Lesson

I love FALL! I love morning meeting and so I felt like sharing! As I have just finished this months SMART boeard Morning Meeting I thought I would share with you what we do for Morning Meeting. it is for this month... I change it monthly to go with the theme... and the skills we are covering for the month... lately I've been changing it weekly to include the word family... or phonics, letter, or grammar skill we need to review. I also want ot let you know I choose one song per slide a day.... or we'd be there all day... but it keeps the kids wanting more...

Happy November....The Lemonade Stand Teachers